The Video Train Has Left The Station!

All Aboard! 

The video train has left the station and you can’t stop it. The best place for you is on-board and not standing on the tracks! A few years ago video was something that seemed unreachable to most organizations. Back then producing a video meant very high cost and if you visited a website, you probably weren’t going to find video of any kind. As time passed and technology advanced, video became more and more obtainable. 


Being Authentic and Relevant! 

If you have a smart phone you ultimately carry a television or film studio in your pocket. Am I going a little far on that one? Yeah, probably, but in all seriousness you have the ability to create content right now and get it up on the internet. I don’t care what kind of business you have or organization you manage, you’ve got to be putting yourself out there and letting everyone and their brother know you exist! When I say exist, I’m not talking about a cheesy sales pitch about why your widget is the best. 


To be successful in video you must connect in an emotional and authentic way. People like to know they can trust you. They want to know that there are real humans who are behind this website they are visiting. Let’s face it, we are living in the me society right now. If you’re on any of the social media channels, you have your own personal reality show! Why not use that exposure to your advantage? The problem is going to be fighting through all of the noise like “Cute Puppy Smells Rose” or “Making Brownies Tonight! #brownies” There’s a lot of voices out there. How are you going to make sure you and your organization gets seen? Video is here to stay, and it’s only going to get bigger. 


you get what you pay for! 

Take time to plan your video projects, and know what each one is going to require. While it’s true that you can get started today on small social media videos that will help you gain exposure, be mindful that a larger project usually requires video professionals. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to visit your website only to be turned off by the quality of your video. It would sort of be like having a torn display sign in your store, or a busted window. It doesn’t look very attractive to the potential customer. If you haven’t taken time to produce a quality video that’s on the home page, what does that say to the quality of your work or service? A poorly produced video can actually hurt your organization! 


Taking the train beats walking! 

Whether you’re posting a quick behind the scenes video of your grand opening to Instagram, or hiring a production company to produce a profile video for you and your brand, embrace video as the powerful tool that it is, and have fun using it to help connect with your audience.