The WISE Girls

Every Friday a group of very special women called The WISE Girls get together at The Wesley House in Knoxville to fellowship together and play Bingo. There's so much more going on here than just a covered dish lunch and a relaxing game.

The bonds these women share with one another is beyond measure. They consider each other family and it really shows. They are there to laugh and pray together, and they truly care and love each member of the group.

In a time when we all are so focused on technology and connecting by way of text and email, these women teach us that we should all take stock in our actual face to face time with our loved ones. Life truly is short, and you never want to regret wasted time when you could have told someone how much they mean to could have told someone that you love them.


And so we proudly present The WISE Girls, and we hope you enjoy watching this film as much as we enjoyed producing it! 

The Wesley House does amazing things for countless families in our community. If you would like to help them and their mission, please visit their website by clicking here. 

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