The Time Johnny Knoxville stopped by the office!

We are actively pitching unscripted television shows to a host of different networks and outlets, so when the office got a call from a Hollywood number on the caller ID, it wasn't a huge surprise. Who was calling on the other hand, was! 

Johnny Knoxville's assistant was reaching out to us in hopes that we could help them in a pinch. It seems that Johnny needed a place to record his Sirius xm radio show on Outlaw Country, Channel 60.  We asked when this needed to happen, thinking it would be next week or next month. "Oh we need to do it at 6:30 tonight." It was now almost 4pm, we were scattered and away from the office!

I told Johnny's assistant that I would make every effort to get this done for them. I rushed back to the office, and got the help from our office manager to set up a network plug in from the conference room. Johnny needed to patch his equipment into the Sirius network in order to broadcast and record his show back in California. After a couple of small hurdles we were able to get him up and running, and the show was recorded without a hitch.

I can't express enough how kind and generous Johnny Knoxville was while he visited the office. It was an amazing experience to have him and to help out in a small way. It goes to show that in the business we're in, you really never know what's going to happen or who you're going to meet!