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We are excited to share with you a monthly retainer model designed for brands who want to authentically connect with audiences using impactful storytelling based on emotion and produced for results. Let a group of award-winning filmmakers, journalists and strategists take your content to the next level.




McCosh Films digital Content Production Model


A shoot day with your organization or team to capture enough content for a month’s worth of stories and films. This will include both video and stills designed to connect you with your audience in ways that will enhance your brand message and create a call to action.


After the monthly initial shoot day, our team goes to work to write and produce a long form documentary style film that’s branded for your social media channels. Working with you on your expectations and desires for your social media presence, we will incorporate our unique style of emotional storytelling to deliver a compelling piece of content that will connect with your audience and leave them wanting to know more.


We follow up our long form content package with a host of smaller, engaging media pieces that will keep your brand message flowing and also keep the audience returning for more. These cut down versions of fresh content will consist of written word, photos and films. Again, working with you on our production plan to make sure we get the most out of the material we have captured and documented.


We repeat the process for the following month, this time producing a whole new piece of long form content and a series of micro content that will focus on an entirely new concept surrounding your organization.


Why should I spend the money with you on my social media campaign, why wouldn’t I just produce the content myself?

Our plan isn’t for everyone, and is designed to give your organization a very high advantage in business or social awareness by connecting with your audience. Our team is made up of experienced storytellers, social media strategists and distribution experts who know how to not only produce compelling content, but also how to place that content in the most visible streams possible, bringing you solid results. Think of us as your personal production team reporting on and documenting your organization.

I already have an internal marketing team, or work with an agency so why do I need your services?

We work with internal marketing teams in order to help keep your organization topical and relevant in our very noisy world. Our services consist of award winning content production and management among your channels. We are like snipers in the digital world, we know how to drill down into what matters and is effective. We aren’t a bloated agency that will simply add your account to a list managed by someone who doesn’t know you or your organization. Working with us on your digital content creation allows your team to focus on other projects with the assurance that your digital footprint is loaded with compelling and engaging stories that bring results.

Break it down for me, what do I get for my money each month?

Every month we will provide you with an initial production shoot where we will collect enough footage and stills to provide you with one long form piece of content, and a series of smaller, short form media pieces, written posts and photos. Our team will spend time with you during pre-production all the way through the distribution of your content. We are your personal, full-service production team.


Based on the principle that at the core of any good story you find people, McCosh Films was founded on the idea that to produce any type of television, film or media project, there had to be a sense of humanity and caring. Our goal and mission as a production company will be to produce content that tells a compelling story based in truth. We will strive to tell these stories with a sense of humility and curiosity, creating an authentic human connection.

“Good films tell you, better films show you ... The films that Jason and the McCosh team produce transport you to a place where you connect and experience. We had the privilege of working with McCosh Films to produce 9 short brand films for Morningstar Marinas and their work has made a significant impact in our marketing efforts. There is no one out there who will captures and convey your unique brand story better than McCosh Films.”


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