Laundry Day

As a photographer/filmmaker I am always looking for those things that may seem common and unnoticed to us as we go about our daily lives. I had always driven past laundromats and thought about the happenings that go on inside. All of the washing machines, the dryers, a lot of things that have repetitive motion. All of this fascinated me for some reason. 

This week I finally made the decision that I was going to do a short film on all of this. I have to thank The Laundry Basket. They were so nice to let me come in and hang out for a while. "You want to do what?" I believe was the first question, followed by "Why?" Believe it or not there is a large population of the United States that doesn't even own a washing machine. That fact surprised me. 

You would also be amazed at all of the interesting people that you meet while hanging out inside a laundromat, no really. All types of people use a laundromat for one reason or another, it's a very busy place! 

So here you go, a short film I did on a laundromat. I hope you enjoy it!