It's the time of year when, hopefully, we are out of all the nasty weather. It also means it's a great time to gather your family, significant other, or just gather yourself and book with me to get some new and amazing photos! 

We have a fantastic location! A great farm setting in Blount County complete with barn and tractor! You will have so much fun and come away with great moments captured forever! 

How will this all work you may ask. What will I walk away with? I'm glad you asked! I'm trying to make this session as simple as possible for you. I don't like stress! I want this to be great fun, that's what it's all about after all. When you are rocking your best outfit and have struggled to get kids ready, your hair done, you know the drill, the last thing you want is for me to put a sheet in front of you with a choice of package A, B, or C! "Ain't nobody got time for that!"  It's always really tough to decide what package to buy, and then which photos you want in that package, etc. 

So here we go...Five session times for Saturday, April 26th. First come, first serve. You will get a thirty minute session AND receive the digital images on a disc! These will be retouched and you can get them printed as you like. Let's just get together and create some great memories! 

Please don't wait too long if you are thinking about shooting, these times are going to go quickly! 

Price is $275 for a thirty minute on site mini session and disc with digital images. 

2014 Spring Mini Session Times






To book please email request to orders@jasonhensleyphotos.com. 

*All clients will be entered into a drawing for a free enlarged print of their choice!