An Australian real estate group reports that real estate listings with videos receive 403% more inquiries than those without videos. In other words, real estate ads with videos generate quadruple the leads of those without videos.
— Andrew Follett, Founder and CEO at Video Brewery

create an emotional connection with BUYERS and clients by using video! 

Rethink how you spend your marketing dollar! 

video is compelling and viral! 

understanding the power it has to capture someone's attention and build an emotional connection is crucial in your business as a real estate or building professional! 


Please note that to keep costs down on this premium service offered by McCosh Films, there will be no previews or edit changes available for any of the tour packages. If after a tour is complete there is a mistake, McCosh Films will of course correct it at no penalty to you.

The budgets for the services we provide on larger video projects are much higher, which include a series of edit notes and changes. To be able to maintain our pricing for the real estate tours and speedy turn around time, we must stick to the no changes rule as even the slightest alteration can take several hours of editing and upload time. Thank you in advance for your understanding!  

Please be prepared with payment in full at the time of your shoot. 


Basic cinematic tour - $250.00 (Up to 3000 sqft)

Basic Tour Including Drone Footage and stills - $750.00 (UP TO 3000 SQFT)

*For properties over 3000 SQFT please call 865.315.7328

*Travel Fees will be added for any property more than 50 miles outside of Knoxville. 

book your tour now! 

*other real estate marketing films we provide*

agent or firm mini documentary 

A chance to introduce yourself to your clients in a very unique way. We produce a cinematic branding film for your website and to use all across social media. This will typically be a 1/2 day shoot. We will interview you in a very comfortable setting, and learn why you love what you do in helping people buy and sell property. We will capture footage of you interacting with your clients, working in your office etc.

You are already marketing yourself in many different ways around the community. Why not use your marketing budget in something that has been proven time and time again to work. Video is the greatest way to market yourself to your clients because it allows them to get to know you before they ever pick up the phone. Your personal video will register with people and help you earn trust. This is crucial in your business! 

My firm already provides me with a video option, why would I spend money with you? 

The difference in what we do for you, and what you get from a template is night and day. Every project we touch has a personality and is unique. You will be speaking from your heart about what makes you different and why you have a passion for helping others. Our company style is very cinematic and based on connecting with others through storytelling and emotion. You can't get that from a cookie cutter template!