connect through powerful emotion! 

At McCosh Films we believe in producing content that engages the mind and soul. I think as a nonprofit it’s imperative that you reach your audience and tell your story in a very compelling way. If someone is going to care about your cause, they have to trust and believe in what you’re doing.
— Jason Hensley, President & CEO, McCosh Films

Did you know...

Surveys have shown that most people like to see how an organization is making a difference, not just a sales pitch to collect financial support. You can never forget that we are flooded each and every day with ways to spend our money.

In a video project for your nonprofit, we will tell the story of your organization and what you've already been doing for the community in which you serve. This will in turn build trust and establish an authentic connection.

Video is the most powerful way to reach someone! 

How do nonprofit professionals rate using video?

-Data is based on a survey performed by the See3 Organization

So why is it so important to use video? 

Video speaks to an audience like nothing else can.

If done correctly, it can create a lasting connection filled with emotion! 


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Project success will hinge on people sharing your film across all forms of social media and through other conventional methods! 

We specialize in creating content that evokes an emotional response. 

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