We help you solve problems at McCosh Films. Connecting with people in an authentic way is something that haunts many organizations. We can help you reach your audience.
— Jason Hensley, President & CEO, McCosh Films

Our Mission Statement

Based on the principle that at the core of any good story you find people, McCosh Films was founded on the idea that to produce any type of video or film project, there had to be a sense of humanity and caring.

Our goal and mission as a film company will be to produce content that tells a solid visual story in a positive and compassionate way. We will strive to to tell these stories with a sense of humility and a hunger to create meaningful, uplifting films that inspire and educate. 



Why is there value in what we do? 

Our purpose is simple. We are helping others communicate an authentic message that in turn will help form lasting relationships. In short, we give you results! 

You can't be a good storyteller if you aren't a great listener first! We dive straight into each and every project and try to learn as much as we can from our clients before we ever pull the camera out of the bag. This is the only way to truly get to know one another and start to build what hopefully will be a long working relationship. Getting to know who you are, and what you're trying to say is the cornerstone of our process. 

If we don't understand or care about your message...well, your audience won't. There will always be passion and energy in everything we produce. 

You must have a visual footprint!

In today's world of a thousand voices, it's imperative that you stand out from the crowd. The projects that we produce at McCosh Films offer a unique twist on the regular corporate, industrial, or nonprofit video.

Everything that is done at McCosh Films is cinematic. We implement some great tools and procedures into our films, and those films are edited by professionals who have several years experience in the business. We work with high quality music companies and composers to give your film a very epic feel regardless of the size of the project. 



There are great production companies out there who do amazing things, but you have come to us for a different reason. You didn't come to us because of our gear. Cameras, microphones, drones, they're all excellent tools we use in production every day. Let's be honest, everyone has access to great tools today. It's what goes on during the process combined with the final product that makes McCosh different. You're looking for something unique, you're looking for a different take on film production...you're looking for an ability to connect with an audience. 

We are able to take your project from preproduction all the way to the finished edit. We are proud of our team and the care and dedication they put into each film. 

It's all about creating emotional content. 

We're not talking about crying during every one of our pieces, although sometimes tears do flow. An audience should feel something regardless of what they're watching. Being able to make even the most ordinary subject matter seem interesting and enjoyable to watch is what makes a great film company. 

Our view on filmmaking sets us apart! 

We take pride in the way we go about our productions, and I believe our hard work shows. We are storytellers by trade. That word is so overused today! Capturing true story even in something like a training video is a creative trait dismissed by some as impossible or unwarranted. I disagree. I believe story is in everything and is the basis for all good video production.

No matter what message you're sending, there are real people behind that message. Our talent and experience is capturing that element and weaving it into each and every project. You want your message heard and understood, and you want results from your video. How better to accomplish this than by connecting with that audience in an authentic way! Even a widget assembly line has a story and real people all around it! Incorporating that human connection will make your video interesting to watch. The ability to give you true results is what sets us apart! 

I want a video, but I hate being on camera! 

Our on camera interview process is very conversational and is meant to put a person at ease. You will never feel rushed during one of our interviews, and you will never walk away feeling like you have just been to the doctor. A film should never be a clinical experience! Human compassion will always be key in our projects. 



Let us be your messenger!  

It doesn't matter if you are a corporation, nonprofit, or just someone who wants us to produce a feature documentary about a situation or cause. Everyone has a story to tell, and we think that the way we tell stories is different from the rest.

You'll never find another production company with as much passion and dedication in conveying what you believe in! 


Human connection is everything! 

Producing a video is exciting, but if the viewer feels flat after watching it then what's the point? It doesn't matter what business you're in, you have an audience and you need to reach that audience on an emotional level. Video has proven to be the best vehicle in which to connect. Authentic relationships build trust and brand loyalty. 


my nephew has a camera, I'll just use him. 

I'm sure that your nephew is a great guy, but you can actually hurt your organization by putting something on your website that doesn't correctly speak to your brand and your message! It's not about cameras or even about the footage you can obtain from those cameras. It's a deeper understanding of crafting a story and a brand message that flows together to create a connection with someone.

Digital content is like a giant welcome mat for your organization, it must reflect the quality of your service or product. You should always consider a professional production company to service your video needs. I like to cook, but I would never attempt to work behind the line during dinner rush of an upscale restaurant! You're purchasing more than an edited video. You're investing in a handcrafted product that will serve you for years to come as a highly effective communications tool. 

A few stats on why you should be using video...

  • 1.8 million words-the value of one minute of video as explained by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. 
  • 45.4% of people view a video online at least once a month.

  • 100 million people watch video online every day! 

  • 90% of online shoppers say that a video on a website helped them make a purchase.

  • 403% more real estate listings receive inquiries as a result of video over those without. 

  • 59% of top level executives say that they would rather watch a video than read text.


okay, Let's get started! 

If you're ready to move forward with telling a story that's filled with heart and soul please don't hesitate.

Click below to get in touch and let's set up a phone call so that we can begin talking about your project!