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McCosh - Scottish and northern Irish: Anglicized form of Gaelic Mac Coise ‘son of Cos’, a byname meaning ‘messenger’ or ‘foot soldier’




The name McCosh comes from CEO Jason Hensley's grandmother, Mildred Rumbley McCosh. Born of Scottish heritage, she married Hensley's grandfather Howard Rumbley. 


Mildred was known simply as nana, and she was loved dearly by her family. "She is one of the first people who ever told me that with very hard work and passion for what you believe in, you can do great things."


The McCosh family were farmers, musicians, and blacksmiths. They worked their craft with dedication and passion. As filmmakers, McCosh Films will strive to continue that handcrafted pride through hard work. Great effort will be taken to produce a beautiful product, making each project unique and custom. 

We want to create impactful content that will tell stories with a sense of empathy and humanity. We want to be a voice for people, just as my grandmother was a voice for her family in wisdom, and understanding. The Scottish meaning for McCosh is “messenger” which is exactly what we hope this company will be for the clients we serve.
— Jason Hensley, Founder & CEO, McCosh Films


Based on the principle that at the core of any good story you find people, McCosh Films was founded on the idea that to produce any type of video or film project, there had to be a sense of humanity and empathy. Our goal and mission as a production company will be to produce content that tells a solid visual story in a positive and compassionate way. We will strive to to tell these stories with a sense of humility and a hunger to create meaningful, uplifting projects that inspire and establish an authentic human connection. 





McCosh Films was founded in 2013 by Jason Hensley. The primary service provided by the company is that of film and media production. The story driven content produced by McCosh Films will focus on communicating a strong message for an individual, company, or organization. Our approach is simply focusing on the people and story behind any project we take on.

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A project could be an individual with a cause, a nonprofit with a need for fundraising, or a company brand film. No matter what the situation, everyone has a story to tell. We will tell these stories in a very cinematic and engaging way. A strong flavor of life and passion will be injected into every piece. McCosh Films will work outside of the box and project a sense of emotion that will be very impactful to the viewer, and in turn formulate a call to action.

Our purpose is simple. We are helping others communicate an authentic message that in turn will help form lasting relationships. In short, we give you results! You can't be a good storyteller if you aren't a great listener first. We deep dive straight into each and every project and try to learn as much as we can from our clients before we ever pull the camera out of the bag. This is the only way to truly get to know one another and start to build a relationship. Getting to know who you are, and what you're trying to say is the cornerstone of our process. There will always be passion and empathy in everything we produce.


Your organization deserves a visual element that connects your audience to your brand. Authenticity builds trust, and our process is different. Every story told establishes an emotional connection. Our approach and workflow is centered around becoming a conduit for information, passion and soul. We know how to use the power of emotion and empathy to create a response. We know how to present you and your company in a genuine way, which builds the vital trust factor. That's the reason you should choose us for your project. That's what makes us different! 




In today's world of a thousand voices, it's imperative that you stand out from the crowd. We are storytellers by trade, and we are excellent listeners! No matter what message you're sending, there are real people behind that message. Our talent and experience is capturing that element and weaving it into each and every project. You want your message to be heard and understood, and you want results from your project. How better to accomplish this than by connecting with that audience in an authentic way. Even a widget assembly line has a story and real people all around it! Incorporating that human connection will make your film interesting and entertaining to watch. Our ability to give you true results is what sets us apart! 


Producing a film is exciting, but if the viewer feels flat after watching it then what's the point? It doesn't matter what business you're in, you have an audience and you need to reach that audience on an emotional level. Film has proven to be the best vehicle in which to connect with people. Authentic relationships build trust and brand loyalty. 


YouTube has become the 2nd largest search engine - bigger than Bing, Yahoo, Ask & AOL combined.
— Social Media Today


At McCosh Films we believe in producing content that engages the mind and soul. As a nonprofit it's imperative that you reach your audience and tell your story in a very compelling way. If someone is going to care about your cause, they have to trust and believe in what you're doing. 


80% of nonprofits are using film in their organizations today. 

90% of nonprofits plan to invest in film during the next three years. 

92% of nonprofits value their past decision to invest in film. 



1.8 million words-the value of one minute of video as explained by Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research. 

45.4% of people view a video online at least once a month.

100 million people watch video online every day! 

90% of online shoppers say that a video on a website helped them make a purchase.

403% more real estate listings receive inquiries as a result of video over those without. 

59% of top level executives say that they would rather watch a video than read text.